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We provide all types of towing services, 24 hr roadside assistance, and transport services to all over Nova Scotia.

Roadside Assistance Services

We also offer a comprehensive range of roadside assistance services at Mcewan's Towing. Whether you require a tow, a jump start, assistance with a flat tire, or lock-out assistance, we provide quick, track able, and dependable service. Whether you drive an electric or gas vehicle, assistance is always available immediately from your phone. No matter where the road takes you, you can travel in confidence knowing that our first-rate roadside assistance is only a tap away. When you make a help request, a service provider will be sent to help you and handle your emergency service requirements. No matter if you require assistance with a tire change or a car lockout, our crew is here to help.

One-Stop Shop

No matter the issue you are having, we provide quick roadside service. With the support of fully qualified, certified, and trained personnel, we concentrate on emergency response and use cutting-edge technology to service our customers accurately and efficiently.

We handle any automobile towing, roadside assistance, equipment transportation, heavy-duty towing, winch-out recovery towing, flatbed towing, and emergency tow truck service safely by using cutting-edge technology. In addition to providing all these services, we can assist you if your car is having any other issues.

What is included in our services?

Call us if you need assistance using the inflator kit or changing a flat tire with the spare. If one is provided, the spare tire needs to be in good shape and well-inflated. If the tire is not covered by a warranty, the owner is liable for its repair or replacement. For lockout services, you may also give us a call. You have somewhere to be in 15 minutes, the doors are locked, the windows are up, and your keys are on the front seat. Call our professional to get your doors unlocked if you ever find yourself locked out of your car. Even then, you can give us a ring if you need a jump start. To jump-start, a dead battery, call for roadside assistance.

We are available

24/7 365 Days a Year

Heavy, Medium & Light Duty Tow – 24 hr Towing, Recovery Service