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We know how crucial the towing company you select is when stranded on the road with vehicle troubles. It's essential to pick the superior tow truck business for services like a demanding heavy-duty tow or straightforward roadside assistance. Contact McEwans Towing for towing services in Guysborough, Nova Scotia. One of the most reliable and outstanding towing companies around.


Mcewan’s Towing stands as one of the top-notch towing companies in Nova Scotia, serving the great Guysborough area with premier services. Available 24/7, we offer comprehensive services from trailer services to roadside help and light, medium, and heavy-duty towing. Founded on resilience, honesty, and trustworthiness, we’ve built a reputation you can count on. No matter the size, we can handle the job.

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At McEwans Towing, we provide the best transport services for our clients in Nova Scotia, CA. Whether you need specialty vehicle transport or hot shot services our skilled and professional team can help and offer the best transport services.


We have an awesome staff of highly trained and skilled recovery experts who will make sure to recover your vehicle fast and with great care. Call us to enjoy our impeccable services.


Our fleet includes a variety of cutting-edge tow trucks that can handle various towing tasks. We are a business that provides the best towing services in Nova Scotia, CA and has a strong reputation in the market.


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Heavy, Medium & Light Duty Tow – 24 hr Towing, Recovery Service.

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If you are looking for professional towing services in Nova Scotia, CA then choose us and enjoy the following benefits;

24/7 Service

No matter what time of day it is, hiring us will ensure that you are never left stranded on the road. We offer all of our services around the clock.

Wide range of service

Our abilities don't just apply to one kind of service. Instead, we offer a wide range of specialized services, like towing, to meet your needs. In Nova Scotia, CA, we provide many services.

High-quality service

Using the appropriate tools and machinery, our skilled personnel can help you resolve your issue over the phone. Call us today!


Trucks can get to places that other transportation methods cannot. With the help of professional towing truck drivers, your shipments can be safely dispatched.

Yes if your towing vehicle has a sufficient towing capacity. But remember without experience in this work you can really damage your vehicle, so it's better to call professionals.

Most states require that the trailer's combined height with its load not be higher than 13 feet 6 inches. Decks or trucks that are taller than 8 feet 6 inches cannot be transported legally on a flatbed trailer.

You don't need to worry about it. Our professional will decide which tow truck should be used for your vehicle after assessing the condition and size of your vehicle.

Leave the transmission in neutral while towing, whether you're flat towing or utilizing a dolly. You don't need to leave the engine running or use any specialized equipment.