Heavy Duty Towing Services

We provide all types of towing services, 24 hr roadside assistance, and transport services to all over Nova Scotia.

Professional Heavy Duty Towing

We also provide heavy-duty towing services at Mcewan's Towing. For clients that need assistance, we provide a variety of towing services, including car lockout services. More importantly, we collaborate with the most qualified service providers in the industry to provide heavy-duty towing solutions. This implies that we can assist you with towing boats, SUVs, trailer trucks, pick-up trucks, and even trucks as large as our own. Therefore, if you own a yacht in the area, you should definitely keep our phone number handy. We strive to offer heavy-duty towing services with the best accuracy and dependability.

The right equipment, skilled team

We make sure that our professionals are well-equipped and well-managed because we are aware that heavy-duty towing is a demanding task. Their top-of-the-line heavy-duty tow vehicles are constantly kept in good condition and delivered on time.

We make certain that they constantly have a fleet of brand-new tow trucks and get rid of any that have fulfilled their purpose. Our tow truck drivers are also fully licensed and masters of their craft. More importantly, they are adept at handling large equipment and loading large automobiles onto our tow trucks without causing any harm to the customer’s car.

Fast response time

Our knowledge of how crucial it is to have a rapid reaction time to attend to our customers is part of what makes our license team so successful. We make sure they are accessible to our clients day or night. No matter where you are, our team’s tow truck drivers will arrive on time because our hotline is available around-the-clock. That holds true regardless of the weather, the flow of traffic, or the time of day. Their drivers are familiar with the roads of each State they are operating in, and all of their trucks are GPS-equipped. Call us for an estimate and take advantage of our first-rate services.

We are available

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